Commercial/Residential Interior Design Services in Washington, D.C.

Interior Design Solutions

Whether you’re a home or business owner, interior design plays a crucial role in your life. You may not realize it but color schemes, accent pieces, furniture, throw pillows, wallpaper and other décor materials contribute to your mood and productivity. There is a science behind interior design and the psychology of color does wonders for your wellbeing.


It is a known fact that human beings love beautiful things. Why else would our society be so obsessed with celebrity culture and attaining the latest and greatest gadgets and trends? Renaissance Interior Design provides DC Metro with a variety of styles and designs fit for a movie star and your wallet.

Hiring an interior designer will get the most out of your space. I’ll help you see your home or workplace in a new light, one that’ll demonstrate true potential! You’ll want to show off your freshly decorated space because you will feel a sense of pride every single time you step foot into it.

Experienced at bringing a variety of residential and commercial interior design projects to completion in DC Metro, Renaissance Interior Design offers a broad scope of design solutions that include:


  • Creative and practical design ideas that integrate clients goals within a budget
  • Various design concepts and blueprints for clients can choose from
  • Work schedule and budget supervision
  • Scale drawings and product sourcing for space planning , materials and finishing including fixtures and all equipment
  • Handling of regulatory building permit paperwork
  • Access to licensed and reputable vendors, suppliers and contractors
  • Brand and business image design strategies for DC Metro commercial businesses
  • Liaison with contractors and other professionals to coordinate and implement your interior design project

Want your DC Metro home or office to feel and look great? Tired of feeling exasperated, cluttered and uninspired? Get yourself an interior designer. Renaissance Interior Design provides clients with specialized services that will guarantee fast and superb results. Give us a Call Today to book an appointment to finally get that dream home or office you’ve always wanted!



My selection of floor, lighting, art, and accessories will transform any space into what it is meant to be.




Get a clear picture of your ideas with our scaled blueprints that inspire you to discover the true potential of the spaces you live and work in.




Consultations are provided for any size interior design project at home, the office, or any commercial endeavor. No project is too big or too small!




Traditional, modern, luxurious, or family-oriented — I have interior design ideas that suit your lifestyle and add that extra bit of an extra bit of special style! Call for more info.


Want your DC Metro home or office to feel and look great? Tired of feeling exasperated, cluttered and uninspired? Get yourself an interior designer. Renaissance Interior Design provides clients with specialized services that will guarantee fast and superb results. Give us a Call Today to book an appointment to finally get that dream home or office you’ve always wanted!

Selecting Materials & Finishes

When it comes to interior design, the possibilities are endless, especially in regards to the variety of materials and finishes that are available. If you aren’t really sure of what your style is or are hesitant about emerging trends, Renaissance Interior Design can help you find your personal flair and guide you through the décor process.


Trends come and go so even if you’ve previously hired an interior designer and feel satisfied with your space; if it’s been well over ten years since you last redecorated it is probably time for a new look. More often than not, beautiful homes and industrial spaces are completely destroyed by outdated styles. An interior designer will make sure that your household or workplace doesn’t look like it is stuck in the past but they will also hold on to the good aspects as well. It’ll be a perfect fusion!

Want to know the benefits of our interior design? Renaissance Interior Design interior design includes professional sourcing, a selecting process that allows you to choose from the many design possibilities when it comes to: finishes for floor, walls, ceilings and other elements. This includes everything from cabinetry to lighting fixtures and plumbing. With so many products on the market and a vast array of styles available, I ensure that your design project will result in a balanced as well as beautiful interior design.

Today’s modern looks vary from industrial, old Victorian and French Country to shabby chic, rustic, nautical and more. You don’t need to worry about your home or office looking too sleek or contemporary, today’s designs improve on older styles, modifying them ever so slightly with the use of new and improved materials and finishes. I work with you, so if you have any concerns or are worried about not liking the new appearance; don’t be. You’ll be working alongside an expert and together you will find the perfect look for your space. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

Choosing the right materials and finishes means the difference between a haphazard and hastily put together look and one that is unified and visually striking. Renaissance Interior Design design specialists choose from a wide range of options that include:


  • Color and paint selection
  • Floor coverings
  • Wallcovering
  • Laminates
  • Stains and varnishes
  • Filling for couches and cushions
  • Fabrics and textures
  • Metal and other finishes
  • And much more

A Renaissance Interior Design interior designer works closely with you to ensure that your materials and finishes are practical, easy to care for, visually appealing and work well for your lifestyle at home or your business objectives. I also look for materials and finishes that are as environmentally sustainable as they are functional and stylish.


A Renaissance Interior Design design plan means instant access to a wide range of materials and finishes from the most reputable suppliers that may not always service DMV home and business owners directly. In addition to the many design resources I offer, Renaissance Interior Design firm skillfully blends each element of a customized interior design plan to the tiniest detail that corresponds to your budget. Learn more about the possibilities within my comprehensive interior design plans, Contact Me Today!

Selecting Furniture

When it comes to your home and business, comfort and functionality is key. As an interior designer I know how important it is to find the right look that is both diverse and people friendly. Depending on your personal style or industry; trends vary.


Renaissance Interior Design offers residential and commercial clients unique and creative solutions for furniture selection in conjunction with their interior design plans. My furniture selection process includes the precise planning for the ideal size and scale of the furnishings for your home or place of business in Washington, D.C.. I have access to the region’s leading furniture manufacturers and fabric suppliers to create perfect interior designs, customized according to requirement.

Furniture selection is a major component of interior design and decoration, along with choosing the most stylish and appropriate fabrics and textures. I assist Washington, D.C. home and business owners to achieve their vision for beautiful interiors by offering access to a large quality selection of custom furniture, window treatments, area rugs and accessories, along with my practical and creative expertise I am also linked with the best local suppliers.


Save time and money with Renaissance Interior Design furniture selection services in Washington, D.C. that blend perfectly with the new or existing components of your interior design. My customized and detailed 3D renderings give you a clear idea of the results you are looking for at the very start of design projects for:


  • Residential homes
  • Condos/Apartments
  • Commercial spaces
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and recreational facilities
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Commercial lobbies and waiting areas

Your home is a representation of yourself, it’s an outlet for creativity so why not have some fun with it? Selecting custom made furniture to fit the style, size and look of your home can recreate any house without the expense of remodeling. Maybe you’re sick of your kitchen table and always wanted a breakfast nook with a fitted booth and elegantly rustic love seats, or have been endlessly searching for the perfect coffee table or sectional couch but have yet to find exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, the best thing to do is hire a professional interior designer. They can work with you in creating that dream piece of furniture you’ve always wanted. It’ll be one of a kind and your very own creation!

When it comes to office settings, you want your furniture to be functional and professional but we cannot forget about comfort. If your bureau chairs look great but feel awful, productivity levels will drop. If you are in the service industry, comfort and design is key when it comes to profitability. Customers are less likely to remain seated at a restaurant or a bar if the furniture is rundown and uncomfortable. Your workplace should look great and the design should fit the industry! Creative furniture designs will attract more customers, potential employees and business contacts because it’ll showcase your innovation.


The selection and layout of the furniture in your home or work space should support the lifestyle of your family and the productivity of your business in Washington, D.C.. Whether you seek to create an environment that induces ease of communication, distinct privacy and sound isolation, or contribute to happy family gatherings, Renaissance Interior Design offers qualified and professional assistance with furniture selection and space planning that will suit your style and budget.

Closet Design

A well designed closet space can go a long way to improving efficiency and organization at home or the office. Renaissance Interior Design will provide stylish and avant-garde closet redesigns that incorporate a personalized approach to custom storage in DC Metro. Not only do I combine quality craftsmanship with extensive closet design experience, I offer a range of detailed 3d digital images to choose from to create the closet space you have dreamed of.

small vanity and closet in bedroom washington dc

Renaissance Interior Design closet design systems significantly increase storage and hanging space with creative and original options that you may have never thought were possible! My DC Metro customers are often amazed at the final results produced by our closet design experts.

Getting rid of the clutter and making the best use of your space saves time and makes life easier for you, your family or staff. Whether at home or in the workplace, Renaissance Interior Design creates interior organizers and roll-outs from quality materials that save space or entirely eliminate the need for bulky dressers! Great for small living spaces! Additional closet design options include built-in window benches, cabinets, or bookcases for storage of everyday items. Every bit of unused space can be turned into a functional area that is as stylish as it is practical!

It is proven that cluttered spaces can create anxiety and that a messy and disorganized closet increases stress levels. When things are chaotic, the objects we need become increasingly harder to find and add disorder to other areas of our life. What follows is that we end up searching for an article of clothing, our keys or worse: important files. This causes a serious delay and a lot of personal frustration. We lose track of time and lateness ensues, which in turn creates rushing and rushing means stress. It’s a never-ending cycle of fretfulness. In fact an organized space can even improve your relationships. You’ll feel better knowing that everything in your DC Metro home is in order and you will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and irritable with the people you care about.


When your closet is organized, everything will have its proper place and you won’t be scrambling and searching for accessories or that new shirt you somehow managed to misplace. You’ll also love looking at your new closet, it’ll be something to be proud of and since it is customized it’ll be built to fit your room and belongings! From shoes and ties to jewelry and accessories; everything will be in order and getting ready will be enjoyable. Let Renaissance Interior Design help you in improving your lifestyle!


I take the time to discuss and add inspiration to your ideas and create designs within your budget that suit your lifestyle. A custom closet design by Renaissance Interior Design Inc. comes with unparalleled service in the DC Metro customized organization industry. From first contact to closet shelving and storage system installation, all aspects of your simplified living space are handled by a responsive and knowledgeable professional.

1 bedroom closet washington dc
2 living room with tan and orange pillows washington dc
3 design plans and color swatches washington dc